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Hotel Facility Information

One of the greatest attractions of WOODPECKER Nakijin its WOODPECKER Nakijin facilities.
The beach,Swimming Pool,spa,sauna.
Please spend the supreme time in the facility that you can feel like a resort.
  • A relaxing sauna and spa

    There is a sauna and spa in the facility, looking at the sea and stars
    Please spend a relaxing time.
      • Sauna & Spa Facility Information
        The spa where you can relax while looking out at the sea is exceptional.
        Experience the peace and comfort while feeling the sky and ocean of the southern Okinawa, and the refreshing sea breeze.
      • Enjoy the spa while watching the beautiful sea, the sound of waves, and shooting stars
        You can feel nature through visual, auditory, and olfactory senses such as sound of waves, sea breeze, and birdsong.
        Bath time while watching the sunset, bath time surrounded by the starry sky, etc.
        Please spend your favorite bath time.
      • Facility
        sauna(1 for each gender)/Open Air Bath(1 for each gender)/Washing place(Man 5,Woman 6)/Toilet × 2(Male and female)/Locker
      • Time
        7:00 to 10:00 / 16:00 to 21:00
      • Fare
        【Guests for Overnight Stay】
        Adult, child:Uniform free

        【General customers】
        Adult(s):1,000 yen/Elementary school-aged children:500 yen/Infants:Free
      • Other
        Bathrooms have shampoo / conditioner / body soap.
        In addition, amenities are distributed at the front desk.
  • Pool and beach full of resort feeling

    You can walk from the poolside to the adjacent beach.
    You can create a relaxing time with a drink by the pool.
    The view from the pool is full of mood day and night!
      • Pool full of resort feeling
      • Nakijin beach with plenty of openness in front of you